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The Formula For Life

I have the unique opportunity to teach my homeschooled son, Kyle. Because of the time I get to spend with him “in the classroom” (read: “dining room”), I have learned something about Kyle this year that I had not known before. He hates Algebra! This was quite a shock to me because I love Algebra. To me, it’s all quite simple. If you start with the right formula, you just need to plug in the numbers and you will end up with the right answer. For Kyle, however, trying to remember the right formula for each problem makes his life pretty miserable!

You’ve probably never thought that Algebra and our relationship with God are similar, but they are! With Algebra, if you begin each problem the right way, you will end up in the right place. Likewise, in your relationship with God, if you begin each day the right way, you will end up in the right place as well.

Of course, that right way to begin each day is to remember Who life is about and Whose will you should be following.

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