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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Day 2

During the Christmas season of 2002, there was a frequent commercial for a TV movie starring Jason Alexander called The Man Who Saved Christmas. The tag line for the commercial was “Jason Alexander is the reason for the season.” At first, I thought I misheard the tag line. However, since the commercial repeated several times in the coming days, I soon realized that I heard quite correctly—“Jason Alexander is the reason for the season.”


I certainly think that if you have chosen to do this devotional then you do not think that Jason Alexander is the reason for Christmas. However, living in this culture of ours, it is pretty easy to start making Christmas all about ourselves. When we do, it shows how quickly we can forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.


What may cause you to forget that Jesus is the reason for the season?

In our Scripture for today, everything centers on Christ and His birth. List the people and things that are centering on Him:

In line with yesterday’s last question, what are you doing to help center yourself on Christ this Christmas?

With whom can you proclaim the real reason for the season?


  • Thank God again for sending Christ that first Christmas

  • Confess to God, if necessary, forgetting the real reason for the season

  • Ask God to show you how to better center on Christ this Christmas

  • Pray for opportunities to speak with those you listed under the last question


  • Think of ways you and your family can focus on gift-giving to Jesus this year—perhaps getting each family member less gifts so you can donate gifts/money to a mission, missionaries, Goodwill, etc.

  • Spend time brainstorming other ideas

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