The Hills of Vincere Ridge
Life is anything but easy for fourteen year-old Jason Collins. Adopted and raised by a same-sex couple, his standard school day consists of lingering stares, not-so-subtle whispers, and outright bullying. His only escape, hours of quiet solitude working on his golf swing.Then one weekend, hearing the words of Jesus--Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest--Jason comes, trusting those words to prove true. Life, however, gets infinitely more difficult.
What God Wants for Christmas
With all the time spent thinking about the perfect gifts for our friends, relatives, and neighbors, I wonder how much time we have spent asking, "What does God want for Christmas? What's the perfect gift for Him this year?"

After all, it is His birthday, right? This holiday is about the Lord wrapping Himself in flesh and becoming the greatest gift the world has ever known. That means if anyone deserves something in return this Christmas, it is Him.
God's Christmas List
Using his down-to-earth conversational style, Mark Musser leads you into the Christmas story found in Matthew 2. There you'll encounter King Herod who cares more about being in charge than being changed. You'll meet the religious leaders who are too apathetic to apply the Scripture to their lives. And you'll wander with the wise-men as they pursue Christ with every ounce of their being.

As you journey with these characters, you will see their strengths and weaknesses...and some of your own
The Right Resolution
We all make resolutions and break them. Frankly, though, most resolutions are misplaced anyway. They are only designed to take what we already are and fine-tune it, remodel it--just a little bit.

Now, please don't misunderstand. These resolutions are not bad. However, this year, let's make a different kind of resolution. This year, let's dedicate ourselves to the right resolution--one that can completely transform us and enable us to do things that we never thought possible.
The Christ-Centered Home
Every day our children are bombarded by the culture and its message, yet they are not daily receiving the truth and message of Christ. Leaving the church to do that a few scant hours a week does little to combat the culture's sway. Yet, long before God established the nation of Israel to be His chosen people, and long before He established the church to spread His glory, He established the family to be the primary means of making disciples. Is your family fulfilling that mandate?
The Praying Home
This book is not meant to be a rote prayer book where you recite these same words again and again. No, it is designed as a starting point, a place for you to begin a mighty prayer life for and with your family. Using over fifty different names for God, along with two hundred plus Scripture references, I hope this book will instill in you a passion to pray and pray boldly.

Let the Holy Spirit will use the prayers written here to spur the prayers you will write and use for years to come.
How to Raise Kids...
We know that the choices we make as parents today will affect our children's choices tomorrow. How we live day to day will shape how our children make choices, whether they cultivate a life of prayer, invest in God's Word, their attitude toward church, and what kind of parents they will be. Indeed, fifty years from now, what our children and grandchildren will be doing may very well come down to the way we train and equip our children today.
Lessons on Parenting
The Bible is full of parents. Throughout the pages of Scripture, Moms and Dads are found making choices and decisions that impact their children and those around them. The blessings or fallout from those choices and decisions most definitely can apply to our lives as parents today. So what can parents today learn from those parents of old? What could happen in our families if we apply the lessons taught through these Scriptural accounts? Those are the questions this book seeks to answer.
Soul Sick
You've heard of diseases that affect the body, but what about diseases that affect the soul? Looking at the CDC's list of dangerous diseases, you will not find any such diseases listed. Do not be fooled, however, for these diseases exist. In fact, their contagion levels are reaching epidemic proportions among our children and teens. For as surely as the young are most susceptible to physical disease, so it is with diseases of the soul. What are these diseases? Time to grab this book and find out
Give Me Words to Speak
As believers in God, I think we instinctively know there is tremendous power in prayer. Most of us long to pray and connect with our Creator. However, when we get right down to it, we just don't know what to say. Our tongues get tied, our minds get cluttered, our emotions overwhelm, and we feel lost. If this is you, then let this book be an aid in your times of prayer.
Light in the Storm
There are many difficult times in life--stormy times when I am eager for a verse to anchor me as the seas rage. Dark times when my mind scans its memory files for a Scripture that will supply a beacon of light. Stressful and anxious times when my frazzled nerves can handle nothing more than a single, soothing reminder from God's Word.

If you're in one of these times right now, let each page of this book be a beacon that guides your journey toward the safe harbors of God's power, love, and grace
Experiencing Real Life
We search for a full life in nickels and dimes. “Oh, this new car will make me happy.” “Oh, a new wardrobe is what I need.” "If my team wins the Superbowl this year, then life will be worth living.” We search for real life in stuff that fades, breaks, and never lasts. When, all the while, there is One who can give us life to the full. There is One who can give us a hope, and there is One with the power to overcome.
Finding the True You
Some books will tell you the answer to life is found by controlling your fears or managing your emotions. Other books delve mystically into discussions about harnessing your sun sign, tapping into your source energy, or igniting a spark of divinity inside you. At best those answers seem vague, at worst they're just plain weird. In the end, people searching for answers in those books come away frustrated and confused.

There is a better way. God has all the answers you need!
Searching for More
Satisfaction is not measured by how much you have nor by the things that give only transient pleasure while offering no long-term solutions. No, instead satisfaction is measured by something else entirely. It is measured by how much of your life (time, talent, money, effort) is invested in Christ.

Satan would love for us to keep measuring satisfaction by the things that cannot last. Jesus, however, has come so that we could have life in all its fullness. Don't miss that life!
Living Above the Line
We Christians carry a precious charge--the charge to be like Christ and pursue holiness in a culture that mocks and misunderstands both.

With that in mind, how can we spend any time thinking about how close to sin's edge we can get with such precious things? We are not to flirt with the line but rather protect the priceless treasure in our care.

The people of this world need to see Jesus. Can they see Him in you?
Blind Spots
Having the only message that can alter the eternal destiny of seven billion people is serious business. Because of this, the need to check our blind spots is vital.

Could there be blind spots that cause our lives to contradict the message of the Gospel and actually turn people off to God instead of drawing them closer to Him? Could we be hindering the work of the kingdom in our homes, our churches, our communities, and our country? If so, it's time to do something about it.
World Changer
Do you want to be a world changer, impacting our planet one needy soul at a time? Then download a copy of World Changer today. You will be inspired to make a difference. You will be encouraged to step beyond the ordinary. And you will be given practical action steps to begin doing so right now. Don't miss your chance to start the adventure of a lifetime and leave an incredible legacy for Christ.
Answers for the Afterlife
What will happen the moment after I take my last breath on earth? Is there life after life? If so, where is it and how do I get there?

All these unanswered questions leave us uneasy. Instead of living in assurance, we spend our days doubting the afterlife or wondering where we'll end up when we die. In order not to think about these things, we do our best to entertain and distract ourselves.

There is a better way. Are you ready to discover it?
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