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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Day 11

Many of us dream of having the “perfect Christmas.” Wanting to create a “magical Christmas experience” for everyone, we actually end up running ourselves into the ground physically, financially, relationally, and emotionally. Then, when the big day arrives, someone is complaining because they didn’t get what they wanted, a toy is already broken, and Dad just called Grandma a mean word.

In our imperfect world, our drive for the perfect holiday usually comes up short. In the end though, this is a good reminder for us. For it is precisely because our world is messed up that Christ had to come that first Christmas. It is precisely because we are far from perfect that the Perfect One came in the flesh.


Have your dreams for a perfect holiday ever been ruined? If so, how?

Our Scripture reading for today involves two famous Old Testament prophecies of Christ’s coming, and both prophecies are surrounded by verses that show far less than perfect circumstances. What problems were occurring in our verses from Isaiah 7?

What problems were occurring in our verses from Micah 5?

How does knowing that Christ came into an imperfect world to bring hope and salvation encourage you during “imperfect seasons” in your life?


  • Thank God for sending Perfection into our imperfection

  • Confess to God, if necessary, focusing more on creating the perfect Christmas than focusing on the Perfect One

  • Ask God to focus you on the true meaning of Christmas—His Son, Jesus Christ

  • Ask God to remind you that perfect is found in Christ, not in Christmas


  • Spend some time thinking about what “imperfect circumstances” are seeking to cloud your ability to celebrate Christmas. Seek to give those things over to Christ today!

  • Watch a funny video that highlights what you just studied. Click HERE

  • Consider purchasing it to share with your church or others

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