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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Day 17

Our culture has done much to hide the real meaning and message of Christmas behind shining light displays, Santa Claus, and rampant consumerism. This is an epic tragedy because the real message of Christmas is the greatest message ever given in the history of the world. Further, the real meaning of Christmas is the only thing that can give true meaning to our lives.

Think about what Christmas is. It is an annual reminder that God came to be with us. It is an annual reminder that God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son. And it is an annual reminder of God’s unending pursuit of sinful humanity.


It is easy to believe God loves you when you are doing well, but do you trust in the fact that God loves you even when you are acting sinfully?

The nation of Israel was rife with sin, and God spoke plainly to them about how sin needs to be punished. However, how does God show His unconditional love for the people in Hosea?

As you read Romans 8, how do you see God’s unconditional love for you?

When you do not feel God’s love, it is not because the Lord has moved but because you have. If you have stepped from God’s love, what can you do to move closer to this Great Pursuer?


  • Thank God for His unconditional love

  • Confess to God, if necessary, believing Satan’s lie that you must earn His love

  • Ask God to focus you on the true meaning of Christmas—His passionate love for you in sending His Son, Jesus Christ

  • Ask God to remind you that His love is eternal and unfailing


  • Ask yourself, “Do I really believe that God loves me unconditionally?”

  • Think about the person you love most in this world. As you do, realize that your love for that person is a mere glimpse of God’s amazing love for you

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