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The New Year is Coming -- Part 3

A little boy stared at a large boulder in his backyard. He had designs on building a fort for himself in the spot where this boulder rested. Only one problem. The boulder was as tall as him and three times as wide. He knew there was no way he could move that boulder. There was only one thing to do—call dad.

In our Scripture for today, Moses was much like that little boy. He saw the enormity of the task and knew immediately he could not do it. "God, you want me to do what?!?" However, he and the young lad differ in one important way. Looking at a problem bigger than himself, the young boy was smart enough to call on someone bigger. Moses, however, let the size of the problem block his view of Who was available to help him tackle it.


Why didn't Moses want anything to do with God's plan? How was God's plan out of Moses' comfort zone? (See: 3:11,13; 4:10)

How was God's plan impossible for Moses to accomplish in His own strength?

Five times Moses made excuses to try to get out of God's plan. Are you someone who makes excuses when something looks difficult or improbable? Why is this dangerous to do with God?

What are some common excuses that you tend to come up with when presented with a seemingly daunting task?

Do you think God can provide all that you need to carry out His will no matter how difficult it may seem?


  • Thank God that He will provide all that you need to carry out His plan for your life and for the church

  • Confess God, if necessary, your use of excuses and your doubt of His power and provision

  • Ask God to deepen your trust in Him

  • Ask God to lead you into His will for 2016

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