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The New Year is Coming -- Part 6

The odds are that you have never flapped your arms hard enough to fly even one inch off the ground. I would further bet that the odds are also pretty good that you have never held your breath under water for more than 4 minutes. And, finally, I think I could be so brave as to venture that you have never run 20 mph.

Yet, if I put you in plane, you could soar on the heights for hours. If I gave you scuba gear, you could explore the ocean depths for hours. And if I put you in a Ferrari, you could get a ticket going 180 mph! (I don’t recommend that.)

Likewise, we cannot do much in life in our own strength. But praise the Lord, we are not alone. Jesus has promised the Spirit to each of His followers. And with His Spirit, we can do amazing things!


How is verse 14:12 possible? How can we do greater things than Jesus?

What does Jesus promise in verse 16?

What is possible in your life because you have the Spirit?

How well did you tap into the Spirit’s wisdom and power in 2015? How can you improve in 2016?


  • Thank God for sending His Spirit to fill your life

  • Praise God that nothing is too difficult for Him

  • Confess to God, if necessary, not tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit available to you

  • Ask God to work in and through you in great and mighty ways for His glory and the benefit of those around you

  • Ask God to show you what you could do this very week

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