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Never Alone

Short and sweet today...

While I was living in Romania, a church group from Colorado came for a mission’s trip. During their stay, I was asked to translate for them at an orphanage dedicated to just infants and toddlers. I dreaded the idea, expecting the place to be filled with 100 screaming and crying babies. (Not my idea of a fun day!)

However, when we entered, we were greeted with only silence. Much to my surprise, not one single baby was crying. Do you know why? Those little ones had learned, "When I cry, no one answers." And so, they just didn't cry.

Moreover, when you went to their cribs, not one infant raised his or her arms up, as if to say, "Hold me, please." They had learned that raising their arms, or looking for help, did no good.

How fortunate we are as children of God. When know that when we cry out to Him, He will answer. And when we fall, He reaches down to pick us up.

Let's not take that for granted!

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