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A Line Has Been Drawn

I heard yesterday that back in the day, when someone became a new believer, Christians of old would say, "The line has been drawn. Now live above it." The Christians of now, however, seem to be saying, "The line has been drawn. Now do your best to straddle it."

I've seen (or seen discussed on FB) multiple articles detailing how much Christians can drink, how much they can curse, and how much worldly entertainment they can ingest, and still feel good enough about themselves to say "I follow Christ."

Reminds me of the story about an ancient queen who was searching for men to carry her royal carriage. She took them to the edge of a cliff and asked, "How close to this cliff's edge could you carry me?" Some answered that they could get within six-inches of the edge. Others stated that she was far too precious to even attempt to flirt with the edge of the cliff. As you can imagine, the queen chose the latter group.

Line drawn.jpg

Well, Christians carry something far more precious than a queen. We carry the Holy Spirit and the message of the gospel. How can we even spend time thinking or discussing how close to the edge we can get with such precious things? "The line has been drawn my fellow Christians. Now live above it." That should be our thought process.

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