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Relationship or Rendezvous?

If you head over to and try to look up the word “rendezvous,” you will first probably discover that you spelled it wrong! Then, after noticing that it is spelled nothing like it sounds, you will see that it is defined as: an agreement between two or more persons to meet at a certain time and place.

While at, you can also look up the word “relationship.” After being thankful that English words are much easier to spell than French ones, you will notice that it is defined as: an emotional or other connection between people.

With these definitions in mind, the questions for us today are: Do I rendezvous with Jesus, or do I have a relationship with Him? Am I just someone who says, “Okay Jesus, I will meet you at church on Sunday, but then we’ll head our separate ways until next week,” or am I someone who says, “Jesus, I want to connect with you all week. I want to be with you where you are”?

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