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Don't Ever Give Up

Known as the Father of Modern Missions, William Carey (along with his wife and three children) left England for India in 1792. Carey embarked on this dangerous five month journey with incredibly high hopes. However, by 1800, his wife was a shell of her former self, their son, Peter, had died, and not a single person had been converted. Regardless, Carey refused to give up or give in. Instead he continually repeated his favorite mantra: “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.”

With no converts to disciple, Carey set about translating the Scriptures into over thirty different Indian dialects. Finally, in 1801, this diligent missionary saw his first convert. He continued on tirelessly for a total of forty-one years, burying two wives in the process. By his death, thousands were converted and millions could read the Scriptures in their own language.

Perhaps you have been praying for a lost friend, relative, or associate for some time, but he or she shows no signs of accepting the Lord anytime soon. Perhaps you have labored in supplication for a wayward son or daughter, or perhaps you have begged and pleaded Jesus to change the life of your spouse--yet nothing.

Don't give up, my friend. And don't give in. Keep praying; keep pleading; keep bringing those individuals to the throne.

Don't give in to doubt or despair. God is on the throne, and He will be faithful to answer when the time is right!

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