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God Doesn't Make Mistakes

Gladys Aylward had a secret grudge against God. She had always desired to be tall, light skinned, and have long blond hair. Instead, she was short (only 4’ 10”), swarthy skinned (in spite of being English), and had dark black hair.

Despite her anger toward God for these things, she felt a call on her life. At age twenty-six, she believed that the Lord wanted her to serve in China. Yet, when she sought a mission agency to send her, she was rejected time and again.

She did not let that stop her.

Saving up her own money, this intrepid woman travelled via the Trans-Siberian Railroad across Russia and into China—even though the two countries, at the time in the 1930s, were at war. When Aylward finally arrived in Tientsin, China, she immediately realized three things. First, everyone was short. Second, everyone had a dark complexion. And third, everyone had black hair.

Most Chinese were skeptical of foreigners and refused to interact with them. However, Gladys was so near in appearance, the Chinese were strangely welcoming. When other “outsiders” were rejected, she was accepted!

Eight years later, when the Japanese began bombing runs in China, she struggled to lead one hundred children to a safe haven. For twelve days, she guided those young ones on a perilous journey between mountain passes, across swollen rivers, and through frigid nights. When at last arriving in safety, she collapsed in exhaustion and was bed ridden for several days.

In spite of health issues that plagued her for the rest of her life, she continued to serve the Lord faithfully, opening orphanages, preaching His Word, and changing lives through the power of Christ.

Nothing was going to stop her from helping the Chinese people find life in Jesus’ name.

I hope the same is true for you. God doesn't make mistakes. Whatever negative thing is in your life, the Lord wants to use it to glorify Himself and help transform a lost world!

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