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Before It's Too Late

Hazel Allan, Lucie Altenbach, Nathan Amato, Henry Barlieb, Henry Bisco, Bertha Eickhoff, Granville Gould Jr., Leo Guida, Lucille Hattenbach, Geraldine Holden, Russell Hollenbach, Joan Hudacek, Elizabeth Hughes, Kenneth Kalb, Robert Koncir, Judith Kurtz, Stephen Malajczuk, Ralph Newsome Sr., Stephen Sova, Elizabeth Steffy, Larry Toth, Helene Williams, Jeannette Zehner,

Do you know what all those names have in common?

They are all people who I found in the obituary section of my local paper. This means they were alive a week before the initial writing of this blog. Today, however, they are no longer with us.

I certainly hope that many of them knew the Lord, but what if they did not? What can be done about it now?

Each of us know people in our families, our neighborhoods, our workplaces, etc. who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. What will be their fate if they were to die tomorrow without Christ?

Is that fate acceptable to you? If not, what must you do about it?

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