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When You Don't Know What to Say

“I just don’t know what to say.” That is probably the most common answer given to this question: “Do you share your faith in Christ with others?”

Since that is the most common answer, let’s work to take this excuse away.

All of us tell stories from our lives on a regular basis. What happened at work, what happened at the soccer game, who we saw at the grocery store; we share stories of this nature every day. Telling people about what Christ did for us is really no different. It can easily be done in 3-5 minutes without a seminary degree, without memorizing the Gospels, and without being related to Billy Graham!

You simply share with people three things:

  1. This is what I was like before I met Christ.

  2. This is how I met Christ.

  3. This is what I am like now (or this is what Christ has done in me).

Each of those three things can quickly be shared in under five-minutes. People may argue about the reality of God or the truth of Scripture, but no one can argue with your life-story.

In fact, it is the testimony of changed lives that is one of the most convincing things about the reality of Christ and His Word.

As we read Scripture, we find the twelve disciples to be selfish and worldly-minded. At Christ’s arrest, they flee in fear. At His death, they are nowhere to be found. While He lay in the tomb, they are cowering behind locked doors. Then they encounter the risen Christ and everything changes. They boldly stand for Christ. They endure persecution and courageously suffer death for the Savior. Talk about life change!

It is not just their story though. Story after story for the last 2000 years tells the same tale. Christ changes lives!

Don’t be afraid to share your story. Let Christ use it to change lives. As you see Christ use you to change lives, you will be deepened in Him. You will be overwhelmed with blessing as you recount again and again how Christ changed you and is using you to change others.

The world is desperately sick with a disease called sin. We have the cure. Don’t die having kept the cure from those who need it. Make it known. Offer opportunities for friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors to experience the cure in their own lives.

They will be eternally blessed and so will you.

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