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What Happens When We Trust

Jesus calmed the wind and the waves with a simple command. So answer me this, do you think if Jesus can handle the wind and the waves, then He can also handle that problem you have at work? Do you think if Jesus can calm the storm, then He can also calm the anger and strife between you and your spouse? Do you think if Jesus can stop nature in its tracks, then He can also stop your sinning and your pain? Do you think if Jesus can control this desperate situation in Mark 4, then He can also control any situation that comes swirling into your life?

It may appear to you that Jesus is asleep and oblivious to your problems, but don’t be fooled. Jesus is always in complete control. When the time is right, He will either calm the storms in your life or empower you to endure the storms in your life. In the end, Jesus rebukes the disciples for their unbelief. “Why did you doubt, why were you afraid?” He asks. “Don’t you trust me? Don’t you think I will be there for you? You have so little faith.”

Let’s hold on as long as it takes. Let’s trust Jesus with all that we are. If we do, our trip on this journey called life will be a whole lot different. Let’s not be doubting-disciples. Jesus is completely trustworthy. He is in control. Let’s trust Him, for He will never let us down.

Is there anything in your life that you are struggling with right now? It could be a problem at work. It could be a problem at church (or with church). It could be a problem at home with a child or spouse. It could be a problem in your own heart with a secret sin or hidden hurt. It could be one of a million different things. What’s yours?

Whatever it is, have you trusted Jesus with it? Have you given it over to Him? Have you entrusted it into His hands, or are you holding on to it? Are you trying to deal with it all by yourself in your own strength? Don’t make that mistake. I can tell you from bitter experience that it doesn’t work.

There are only two ways to handle problems in your life. One way is to handle them all alone in your own strength. The other way is to give them over to Jesus to deal with in His strength. I can tell you one way is infinitely better than another.

A lesson that I have learned, through much unnecessary pain, is that Jesus can handle my issues a whole lot better than I can!

When I try to deal with my problems and overcome my sins all by myself, I find that my problems expand and my sin continually defeats me. But when I put my life in Christ’s hands and trust Him, I find He brings peace to my problems and forgiveness for my sins.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, give it to Christ.

Whether it is an entrenched sin, a struggling relationship, an aching pain, a bitter past, a dying loved one, or all of the above, bring it to Jesus. Place it in His hands. Let Him have control and trust Him with the results. If you are seeking more of Jesus, then you must trust Him more.

Start today by giving everything over to Him. It may not be easy, but it is necessary.

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