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You Might Be Fine Now, But...

Perhaps you have been beaten up pretty bad in this life, or perhaps life hasn’t been all that bad. Maybe others have let you down too many times to count, or maybe people, in general, have been good to you. I don’t know what your situation is, but I do know this. Jesus can be trusted. In fact, He is the only one who can be completely trusted.

Unlike us fallible humans, He is God and He is perfect. This means He is perfectly trustworthy and His success rate in dealing with sins, hurts, pasts, and problems is 100%. Your next step then is to place yourself completely in His hands. You must make it a daily prayer to completely entrust your life over to Christ.

Stop trying to handle everything yourself. It can’t be done.

We might fool ourselves into thinking we can handle life by ourselves, but then it happens. That sin we cannot conquer; that job we cannot keep; that bill we cannot pay; that disease we cannot cure; that loved one we cannot help; that death we cannot stop. It happens to us all. When it happens to you, will you be found alone or in the arms of Christ? One is a much better place than the other!

Trust Christ with everything in your life. He has all the power you need and more. Through His immeasurable power, you will find victory over sin, success over past failures, triumph over loss, and hope amid despair. Don’t crawl through life in your own strength, not when you can soar in Christ’s strength.

The power Christ has for us is so amazing, we will spend the next few blog posts trying to grasp it.

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