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Mark, You're Thankful for What?!?

"Though he slay me, yet will I hope in Him..." ~ Job 13:15 (NIV)

As I look back on the nearly eleven full months of 2015, I realize that this has been a year of storms. Yet, each storm has reminded me that God is the only shelter that holds.

And for that reason, I thank God for the storms. I praise Him for the biting wind of relational strife, the pouring rain of church stress, and the rumbling thunder of a thousand negative thoughts echoing in my head.

Each of those storms has caused me to flee to my Refuge, my Tower, and my Strength. Would I have fled there if not for those things? Unlikely.

I thank God for my many, frankly uncountable, weaknesses. I struggle with impatience; I am easily frustrated; I am quickly irritated and annoyed; and it really bugs when my wife eats Cherrios in bed!

Each of my weaknesses, pet-peeves, and stupidities cause me to rely heavily on my Maker, my Helper, and my Hope. Would I rely on Him if all was well with my soul? Doubtful.

I thank God for my son who drives me up a wall because he does things so slowly and methodically when I want him to move quickly. I praise the Lord for my wife who is my complete opposite and we hardly agree on anything.

My family’s differences force to me to come face to face with my selfish, self-centered ways. Confronted with such truth, I am led, once more, to the feet of my humble, selfless Savior who gave up His life for others. Would I kneel at His feet if I wasn’t convicted of my sin? Improbable.

It is because of the storms, the stresses, the differences, and the weaknesses that I consistently seek the One who is higher and greater than I…so this Thanksgiving, I thank God for all these things.

Without them, I would not know what a great, awesome, and forgiving God we serve!

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