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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Day 3

When my son, Kyle, was young, he used to keep a “Christmas Countdown” calendar in his room. It was a green felt calendar with tiny pouches below the first twenty-five days of December. As each day passed, you were to move a little snowman from pouch to pouch.

Each morning in December, Kyle would excitedly wake up and move the snowman into the new day’s pouch. As that snowman crept closer and closer to the 25th, Kyle’s excitement would build as he eagerly anticipated Christmas day.

I can imagine that if you have children or grandchildren, you can tell similar stories. Many children (and adults too) eagerly anticipate opening gifts on Christmas. Yet, how many of us eagerly anticipate this day as Christ’s birthday? How many of us anticipate all that is possible for our lives because He has come?


What is usually your family’s level of anticipation as you countdown to gift opening on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?

What is your family’s level of anticipation for what Christ wants to do in your lives?

All of the Old Testament builds to the coming of the Messiah, yet what happened in our Scripture when the Messiah finally came?

The Israelites were so busy anticipating something else that they missed Christ when He came. Will you do the same this Christmas?


  • Thank Christ for being the Savior of the World

  • Confess to God, if necessary, anticipating more of the things of Christmas than the reason for Christmas

  • Ask God to build excitement in you for what He wants to do

  • Ask God to focus you on His Son, Jesus Christ


  • Write out a list of what is possible for your life because Christ came, lived, died, and rose again

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