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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Day 5

While living in Romania, I discovered that Romanians celebrate their birthdays much differently than we Americans do. You see, in Romania, you do not get gifts from friends and family on your birthday. Instead, you give them! Yes, it was quite a surprise to discover that I was not only celebrating my birthday 7000 miles away from home, but on top of it I had to throw my own party and give out gifts!

A little more than 2000 years ago, Someone else was celebrating new life far from His heavenly home. And while He did receive gifts at His birth, He knew that real life is not found in receiving from others but in giving for others. That is something we should all remember this Christmas… and all year round!


How do we see Jesus’ sacrifice for us in verse 9?

Looking at verses 14-17, why did Jesus need to come as flesh and blood that first Christmas?

Jesus left the glory of heaven to be born in a cold, stinking stable. Jesus gave up immortality to take on flesh and blood and die for our sins. How do we see God’s great love in these truths?

What sacrifices will you make for Christ and others this Christmas and beyond?


  • Thank God for sending Christ that first Christmas

  • Confess to God, if necessary, making Christmas (and life) more about receiving than about giving and sacrificing

  • Ask God to focus you on the true meaning of Christmas—His Son, Jesus Christ

  • Ask God to move you to sacrifice this Christmas for others


  • Talk with your family about how you can sacrifice for others this Christmas season

  • Buy gifts to donate to homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, group homes, battered women’s homes, etc.

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