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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Day 9

An alcoholic, who became a believer, was asked how he could possibly believe all the nonsense in the Bible about miracles. "You don't believe that Jesus changed the water into wine do you?" asked the skeptic.

"I sure do,” the former alcoholic replied, “because in our house Jesus changed whiskey into furniture!"

In our cynical age, many people discount miracles. They discount miracles as the power of medicine or science. They may even seek to dismiss miracles as mere coincidence or luck. Yet, the Lord is the miracle business! He changes lives every day. He alters eternities every day. He heals the sick. He brings deliverance to the addict. He fills the despairing with hope. There is no limit to what He can do!


What two miraculous things did Jesus do in the verses for today?

The bleeding woman spent all her money and resources over twelve years, yet got no better. She touched Jesus for one second and was cured. What lesson is to be learned from this?

People told Jairus not to bother Jesus for it was hopeless. Later, others laughed at the idea of a miracle, yet Jairus persisted in faith and trust. What was the result of his persistent faith?

When someone tells you to give up hope and others laugh at the possibility of a miracle, what can encourage you to keep trusting in Christ and His miraculous ways?


  • Thank Jesus for the miracles He does every day

  • Confess to God, if necessary, being more a skeptic of miracles than a believer

  • Ask God to deepen your faith

  • Ask God to do miracles in and through you


  • Go to and watch any of the videos. Be inspired by the miracle of new life that Christ provides

  • Not sure which one to choose. Click HERE for one I highly recommend

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