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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Day 12

Can you imagine the situation for Mary? Luke is describing the Christmas miracle in the context of an unplanned teenage pregnancy! Talk about the tables being turned on the “perfect wedding” that Mary must have dreamed about over and over. I am sure she pictured herself standing among friends and relatives while being given over to Joseph in the midst of celebration and wonder. Now, all of that was shattered. How would her parents react to, “Guess what Dad? The Holy Spirit made me pregnant.” How would her fiancé react to, “Joseph, you won’t believe what happened to me.” That’s right. He won’t, (at first).

Mary must have been thinking, “The angel said that God ‘favored’ me. I don’t feel very favored!” How could she feel favored while being scorned by family, the subject of rumors, and ditched by her fiancé? (See: Matthew 1:19)

Perhaps you have felt similarly. You are a Christian. You want to follow Christ, but why does it seem so hard sometimes?


The angel gave an amazing message then left Mary. How do you think Mary must have felt after the wonder of the moment passed and the reality of the situation sunk in?

How do you deal with difficult situations in your life?

How did God use Elizabeth (who herself was going through a miraculous pregnancy) to encourage His dear servant?

How has God worked to show you His love and care in the midst of tough circumstances and difficult situations?


  • Thank God for His love and care in the worst situations

  • Confess to God, if necessary, doing more complaining than trusting when tough times come

  • Ask God to fill you with His presence when difficult times come into your life

  • Ask God to use you as a blessing to others this Christmas


  • Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that because we serve the Lord life should be easy. However, real commitment is only seen in our reactions to difficult circumstances. Is your response to difficulty like Mary’s?

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