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Christ-Centered Christmas -- Christmas Day


As a married man, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was incapable of finding the perfect Christmas gift for my wife. As hard as I would try, I always seemed to not get it right. Sensing the obvious, my wife now Christmas shops for herself, wraps up the gifts herself, and then on Christmas I get to see what great gifts I got her!

Perhaps you put much thought and effort into finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. However, how much thought and effort have you put into making sure that Jesus got the perfect gifts from you on His birthday?


How can pausing to ask and answer the above question help focus you on the real purpose of Christmas—celebrating the holiday as Christ’s birthday and not yours?

According to our Scriptures for today, what gifts has Christ given to you?

What could you give Jesus in return for such incredible gifts?

What would happen next year if you put as much time and energy into giving to Jesus as you did giving to loved ones?

What can you do in the coming year to start fulfilling Jesus’ wish list for your life?


  • Thank Jesus for coming that first Christmas

  • Confess to God, if necessary, spending Christmas focused on wish lists other than Jesus’

  • Ask God to focus you on the true meaning of Christmas—His passionate love for you in sending His Son, Jesus Christ

  • Ask God to lead you to fulfill Jesus’ wish list in the coming year


  • Spend some time thinking and praying about what might be on Jesus’ wish list

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