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The New Year is Coming - Part 2

Another year is almost near.

This means we have yet another chance to make those resolutions. Those things designed to help us be better and do more this coming year. Those things that we hope will make us thinner, happier, healthier, nicer, and richer. And yes, those things that usually just end up being a to-do list for the first week of January!! One study, a few years back, found that only 45% continued with their resolutions past January, and only 8% fulfilled their resolutions all year long! That’s not good!

Since this is the case, why should you even bother to make easily broken resolutions that are simply designed to fine-tune you? Isn’t it better to commit to life-long resolutions that are designed to radically transform you? How is that possible, you ask? The key is tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit and allowing His strength and resolve to carry you through each minute of each day


When it comes to resolutions, how do you usually do with them?

What kind of power is living in you according to Romans 8:11?

What is available to you according to Ephesians 1:19,20 and 3:20?

With all this available to you, how could you possibly fail in 2016?


  • Thank God that He gives us all that we need to accomplish His will no matter how big

  • Thank God for His Spirit which can do far beyond what you can ask or imagine in 2016

  • Confess, if necessary, times you said "no" to God's plan because it was too big, too confusing, too time consuming, etc.

  • Ask God to use you to do great and awesome things for His glory and the benefit of those around you in 2016


  • Spend some time thinking about what “God-sized” things the Lord wants to do through you in 2016

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