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The New Year is Coming -- Part 5

As you sit on the verge of a brand new year, perhaps you have been mulling over some New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you are ready to make some serious commitments to Christ and His kingdom. If so, let me give you three marks of true commitment exemplified in the actions of the wise men found in Matthew 2.

First, “they bowed down and worshiped Jesus.” That is, they acknowledged Jesus as Lord and submitted to His authority. Likewise, we must understand that since Jesus is Lord, He has the right to redefine our lifestyles, values, and more.

Second, “they opened their treasures.” That is, they knew that God uses the things we hold in our hands to do miracles. Like the boy with the loaves and fishes, God multiplies our treasures for His glory when we give them over to Him.

Third, “they returned home by a different route.” That is, after you have met Christ and acknowledged Him as Lord, change must take place. You must walk in new life directions in the coming year.


How will your life show that you are acknowledging Jesus as Lord this coming year?

What treasures will you release to Jesus this coming year?

What changes, if any, must be made in your life if your Christian walk is going to match your Christian talk?


  • Thank Jesus for coming that first Christmas to change the world forever

  • Confess to God, if necessary, believing in Jesus but living like He doesn't exist

  • Ask God to use you to bless others next year

  • Ask God to use you to glorify Him next year


  • Do not enter the new year without making at least one commitment for Christ

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