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When God Says "Not Yet"

Maybe you spent a good part of 2015 praying for someone or something, and that prayer went unanswered. If so, don't give up. Perevere in prayer!

Outside of Jesus, the greatest hero of the faith for me is George Muller. In 1846, at the age of 41, George became burdened for the salvation of five friends and began praying for them. After many months, the first of the five came to the Lord. This greatly encouraged George, but it would take another ten years of solid praying before two more were converted.

In 1871, after 25 years of praying, the fourth of the five found salvation through Jesus Christ. Now, there was one friend left to be saved. For a total of 52 years, Muller never gave up praying that this man would accept Christ! George never saw that friend come to Jesus, but his faith was still rewarded. That fifth friend was saved at Muller’s funeral!

Many of us will pray for something or someone for a couple weeks and then give up hope. But don’t! Persevere in prayer, my friend, persevere in prayer.


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