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Getting the Church to Leave the Building

As children of God, we are connected to the ultimate power source. Yet if we spend all our time in the church, what does that do for those living in darkness? The roof of the church becomes the basket that hides our light from the world.

It was only when Jesus came and lived on earth that we got to experience the light of His glory. Christ Almighty was willing to leave His power and position and become a lowly servant. Christ the King was willing to leave His majestic surroundings, so He could shine His light in a dark world. Christ, the Author of Life, was willing to leave His eternal home, so that He could pour Himself out on a lost world.

Today, we must do the same. We must be willing to go out and meet a Christ-less culture head on. We must be willing to step out into the world, into the culture—not to become like it—but to pour out our salt to preserve, to flavor, to heal, and to create a thirst for the things of God.

We must be willing to step out and let our light shine, let people see our good deeds and be drawn to Christ. That’s changing the world one person at a time!

The Psalmist asked if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3) The answer? We do as Jesus did. What other choice do we have?

Can you picture your children coming to you with their children in tow and asking, “How could you let our culture devolve like this? Where were you? What were you doing?”

Don’t you want to be able to answer like this? “Oh my child, I poured myself out on this world. I stood up for Christ and let my light shine. I sought to be a world changer and do all that God asked of me. Now, it’s your turn. Follow me, as I followed Christ”

Twenty-five years from now that will be the only answer worth giving.

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