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The Dangers of Secular Humanism -- Part 1

Secular Humanism.

Nothing can attack the mind like this godless worldview. Unfortunately, you may not even realize your family has been attacked until it is too late. In many ways, the veiled effects of secular humanism remind me of a creepy movie from the 1950s called Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

In this chilling classic, Dr. Miles Bennell, played by Kevin McCarthy, is summoned back to his small town from a conference. It seems a number of his patients have been frantically trying to get a hold of him. However, when he returns, he finds that none of these patients show any signs of illness and have forgotten why they had so frantically called for him.

At the same time, hysteria is brewing in some of the other townsfolk. They believe their loved ones are “not themselves.” Literally! Tension builds as these worried townsfolk, one by one, begin to change from nearly hysterical to virtually emotionless.

After a body is found on the pool table of Dr. Bennell’s friend, the movie winds into full swing. Miles and his girlfriend, Becky, soon discover that an alien force is infecting the town one person at a time. While the unsuspecting sleep, their bodies are taken over. They look no different. They talk no different, but they are indeed different. Their bodies have been “snatched,” and they now belong to another.

As the movie races toward its heart-pounding climax, nearly the whole town has been overtaken. Dr. Bennell and Becky are panic-stricken and on the run. Desperately trying not to be overtaken by this alien force, they are filled with paranoia and fear. Who is still truly human? Who has been overcome?

They don’t know. They can’t tell. Living in a non-stop state of terror, they urgently try to keep from falling asleep. They do not want to succumb. As the movie comes to its tumultuous close, Dr. Bennell is anxiously working to keep his girlfriend awake. The credits roll. Will she be next? Will he?

Even though I now know that this movie was a not so subtle message about the state of our nation at the time, it still gives me a bit of the heebie-geebies. The mid-1950s saw the height of the “Red-scare” and McCarthyism. (Is it any coincidence that the actor chosen for the lead roll had the last name McCarthy?) Communist paranoia was at its zenith.

Everyone was questioning: “Is my neighbor a commie?” “Is my boss a sympathizer?” “How can I tell? He looks and talks just like me.”

That was then. Let’s move to now. I think Invasion of the Body Snatchers could easily be an allegory for something happening in our present time. Secular humanism has grabbed hold of many people while we Christians have slept. While we’ve been snoozing, this skewed worldview has grabbed hearts and minds and twisted them.

Right here, right now, “the snatched” walk around our towns, fill our public offices, and work in our office buildings. Right here, right now, these invaded lives teach in our children’s classrooms, farm our land, and even stand behind pulpits to preach.

They do all of this while looking just like us and seeming to talk just like us. But make no mistake, they are not like us. These are the secular humanists, and they are quickly snatching many in our culture.

One person, one classroom, one school, one church, one town at a time, they are invading. Believe me. They have no plans to stop their invasion any time soon.

Check back here regularly. We will be looking at exactly what secular humanism is doing to our country over the next few blogs.

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