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The Dangers of Secular Humanism -- Part 3

If you read through the previous two blogs, then you are well aware that a secular humanist invasion is underway.

Colleges across our land have long been launching points for this invasion.

Consider the story of Ben Stein. The comedian turned director, who made the pro-creation themed movie Expelled, was led to expel himself. Initially invited to give the 2009 commencement speech at the University of Vermont, he was quickly the center of a secular humanist firestorm. Harsh words from humanists, including Richard Dawkins, were unleashed on the school’s president, Dan Fogel.

Fogel quickly bowed under the pressure, promising in the future “to use a more consultative process” when choosing speakers. He would also later comment that, “Commencement should be a time when our community gathers inclusively not divisively.”

An interesting comment from a man who previously endorsed one commencement speaker that advocated revolution in Mexico and another that compared republicans to Nazis. I guess revolution and slander are not divisive!1

This is no isolated incident. A college professor at Los Angeles Community College interrupted a student’s speech, cursed at him, and told the students in the class that they could leave if they were offended. What got this professor so riled up? The student was speaking on the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman and quoted two Bible verses as part of his speech. When no one in the class took up the professor’s offer to leave the classroom, the professor dismissed the class.

He, then, refused to grade the speech, telling the student to “ask God what your grade is.”

Consider the story of Jennifer Keeton, a graduate student at Augusta State University. Because of her biblical views on several issues, homosexuality in particular, she was informed that if she did not change her beliefs she would not be given a degree. ASU faculty then ordered her to undergo a remediation plan, which included diversity and sensitivity workshops.

Consider also the story of Emily Brooker, a former student at Missouri State University, who refused to complete a class project. Why did she refuse? She did so because the project was to write and sign a letter to the Missouri Legislature asking them to support gay adoption. Brooker declined because of her biblical beliefs. The University countered by threatening to have her degree withheld if she did not complete the assignment.

This invasion may have started with the “intellectual-elite” on college campuses, but it has spread like metastasizing cancer from Chapel Hill to Capitol Hill. Consider a provision in the 2009 stimulus package that was passed by congress and signed by the President.

Indeed, secular humanists are working at all levels to make their ten-point declaration the norm for all. Anything that contradicts their relativistic views is subject to censure. And, of course, nothing contradicts those views like the absolute, objective truth that the Bible contains.

From elementary schools to college campuses, secular humanists are trying to indoctrinate the coming generations. Is it any wonder that at Lindenhurst High School in New York, officials repeatedly refused to grant official recognition of a student led Bible club, while at the same time allowing other student-led groups like the Key Club, the Chess Club, and the Gay-Straight Alliance?

In the state of Pennsylvania, the Haverford Township School District refused to allow Child Evangelism Fellowship to participate in its flier distribution program. They allowed the Cub Scouts, Boy/Girl Scouts, the YMCA, and various other community organizations to participate, but not CEF.

Moreover, in Colorado, Monarch High School refused to allow students to form a Bible club, yet the school has a Gay-Alliance, a peace club, and a multicultural club.

In Connecticut, Federal Judge Janet Hall ruled that two Enfield high schools could not hold their graduations inside a local church, stating that the schools were coercing the students “to support religion by forcing them to enter a church for graduation.”

The Pattison Elementary School in Katy, Texas banned the singing of all Christian Christmas carols and then threatened to lower the grades of any student who refused to participate in the secular Christmas program.

At Northwest Elementary in Massachusetts, a 2nd grade student brought the book The First Christmas to fulfill an assignment about her family’s Christmas traditions. She was forbidden to share her book because it was about Jesus being born on the first Christmas.26

I could give dozens more stories and statistics, but these are enough to help us clearly see the situation. Each of these stories and statistics should be a clarion call. Each one should loudly sound the alarm that the invasion still goes on, the enemy still advances, and the casualties still mount.

While many parents sleep, their children and teens are being snatched one at a time. And, oh yes, while we sleep, we may just be snatched ourselves!


Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, our children take messages into their hearts, minds, and souls through entertainment, through the technology of today, through teachers and curricula, through peers, and just through walking around this culture of ours.

Increasingly, the culture’s messages are more and more secular and less and less biblical. God and His Word have been censured from the schools, courthouses, and the public sphere. Entertainment glorifies the world and mocks Christianity. Positive messages about Christ and His church in the public domain are nearly non-existent. This means messages doused in secular humanism dominate our society. Being inundated with that worldview for hours a week, our children cannot help but be overcome by it.

This message, however, is diametrically opposed to Scripture’s message. The culture instructs us to follow our hearts and seize our dreams. However, the Bible informs us that the heart is desperately wicked and cannot be trusted, so we must follow Christ.

The culture massages our ego while cooing, “It’s all about you. You deserve whatever you want.” Meanwhile, the Bible matter-of-factly states that life is most decidedly not about us. It is all about God and what He wants.

The culture strokes the back of our necks and whispers into our itching ears that pleasure is found in what it offers. Countermanding that, the Bible has Christ, with His arms stretched out, calling us to find pleasure in Him.

The culture beats its drum and shouts that bigger is better and more means success. In stark contrast, the Bible charges that we need to become like children and success is found in surrender.

The culture grabs its megaphone and announces that we should strive to be all that we can be. Revoking that thought, the Bible finds God shaking the mountains while telling us to give ourselves over to Him so that He can be all that He can be through us.

With special effects, light shows, and hip music the culture attracts us to live for the now and get what we can while we can. The Bible, with no fanfare, makes it very simple. Life is not about here and now. Life is preparation for eternity. We need to store up treasure in heaven and live for God’s eternal kingdom.

What messages are our children receiving most? Are they cultural or Scriptural? What messages are shaping who our children become?

This is the battleground in the war for the heart, mind, and soul of every child and teen in this nation.

Want to win that war? Stay tuned for part 4!

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