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A Prayer for the Next Generation

So, my son graduated high school this past week. I can't believe he is finally done (and I can't believe I have to start paying for college!)

The commencement was fantastic from start to finish. Yet, it is the finish that I want to focus on, for the closing prayer went like this.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity to pray with and for these graduates. I pray that you would speak through me to them.

God, you are an amazing God. You have created all things. Your Love for us is unceasing, unfailing, and unconditional. Thank you for dying on the cross taking away our sins. As we focus on school, careers, and our futures, let us not forget that our life here on earth is but a speck in time. Eternal life awaits us because of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Father, forgive our sins. Forgive us for all of the times we have disappointed you and failed in our faith. Thank you that your compassions fail not and are new every morning.

We thank you for this day and these amazing graduates! Thank you for this opportunity to gather together to celebrate their graduation. We thank you for all of their unique gifts and talents. Help them to use these gifts and talents to the best of their ability for your glory and to accomplish your will.

Thank you for giving them the determination, stamina, and intelligence to complete these difficult, stressful, and grueling four years of high school. Never before has so much been asked for and required of high school students. Yet these students completed the journey and excelled!

Now Father, I pray for

  1. Safety and protection of these graduates over the summer and in their four years of college.

  2. You to fill them with the Holy Spirit to provide guidance, direction, peace, and conviction when necessary.

  3. You to protect them from temptations of college, the world, and even the temptations that career success can bring.

  4. You to provide them stamina to continue to work hard in college and beyond.

  5. Your will to be done for each of them in their careers. That you would guide them along their career paths and help them to make wise decisions.

  6. As stated in Proverbs, I pray that the graduates would Trust in the Lord with all of their hearts, and lean not on their own understandings, but acknowledge him in all thy ways, and he will make their paths straight.

  7. You to prepare them for their future spouses and prepare their future spouses for our children.

  8. Life and transition to adulthood will bring hardships, difficult decisions, and moments that may make them question their faith. Give them the strength to bear these things. Help them to rely on you in the face of troubles. Let them remember that your strength is made perfect in their weakness.

  9. You to keep their faith strong in the face of increasing liberal minded schools, leaders, society, and peers. The world will be shouting to them that their beliefs are wrong and intolerant. Give them strength and faith to resist these lies and confidence in God’s word which is true and infallible.

  10. And lastly Lord, I pray that these graduates would not only succeed, but that they would inspire, and let them do so with a warrior’s heart and a servant’s soul.

It is in your Son’s precious name we pray,


Special thanks to Errin Hoffman for that prayer. If you are looking for a way to pray for the next generation, I would highly encourage you to pray through the points above!

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