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What Drives Your Life?

Excerpted from my book Finding the True You which is currently available FREE through Kindle

As I write this, my son, Kyle, is now sixteen years-old. As you know, this is an age that has him poised to take the next big step in maturity--getting a driver's license. He is excited about this next step. Me, not so much! On a whim one day, I pulled my car into a school parking lot and told Kyle to get behind the wheel. What followed was two minutes of pure terror. Let's just say that my son was not quite ready to take the wheel, and I am still suffering the effects of PTSD. Taking the wheel is a big responsibility. Whoever has the wheel has control. Whoever has the wheel steers the vehicle toward its destination. Whether it is a boat, a train, a plane, or a Dodge Avenger with a petrified parent inside, whoever has the wheel is the one in charge. The rest are just passengers. Life is no different. Someone or something is behind the wheel in your life and directing your path. Someone or something is your driving force. It could be work, or money, or fame, or possessions, or pleasure, or any of a thousand other things. Unfortunately, as we saw in chapter one, those things were only meant to be components of life, they can't drive a life. When they become the driving force, your life will most definitely steer off course. For example, if I fill a boat up with gas, start the engine, and send it off; without someone driving it, the boat will crash. The components of the boat cannot drive it. Someone needs to be behind the wheel. Similarly, the components of life cannot drive life. If you let money or fame or work or pleasure or possessions drive your life, you will crash.

So let me ask you, what drives your life?

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